Corona virus information

Presto Engineering is closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and taking steps to keep our employees and partners safe and help prevent the spread of the virus. We continue to closely monitor this evolving situation and will continue to keep you (our customers and partners) informed as it relates to your ongoing needs.

We are diligently following the instructions and recommendations of the Public Authorities of the countries in which we operate: France, Denmark, USA/California, UK, Thailand, and Taiwan. This is a fluid situation that we are monitoring daily and will be adjusting operations accordingly.

We took immediate protective action in February (restricting travel, quarantine when applicable, restricted on-site visits, and enhanced hygiene) in all locations. We have now maximized work from home (WFH) and re-adjusted our on-premise procedures in compliance with the most recent local governmental orders.

All Presto Engineering facilities are currently in operation—however, with some limitations due to WFH, logistics challenges, and some (presently limited) supply chain delays.

Please contact your regular contacts or Contact Us with any concerns or questions about our company’s response to this pandemic.

We appreciate your understanding. Rest assured that we are exclusively focused on (1) the health of all around us and (2) continuity of services for our customers and partners.

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