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In today’s competitive market, ASIC design houses are in constant look for a competitive edge, and therefore we offer an innovative partnership that will allow you both to gain a competitive edge and to generate revenues from the production activities.

Our partner program

DELTA has launched our ASIComplete partner program in order to enable European ASIC design houses and fabless vendors to offer ASIC production services to their customers.

During the 40+ years that we have been working with microelectronics, we have met many companies that master the ASIC design but need some support with the manufacturing.

DELTA is European leader in ASIC supply chain services. With our in-house test facilities, logistics for foundry, failure analysis and packaging services, we cover part of the supply chain while our partnerships with IBM, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, ASE, IMEC/TSMC and other leading vendors cover the rest.

The program offers a single interface to full semiconductor production services including: Tape-out, test, package and full turnkey supply chain.

The goal of the ASIComplete program is to provide one-point-of-contact to all manufacturing processes. Semiconductor production services require tools and methodologies, along with well-trained teams.

“We realised the European market is missing an ASIC production ecosystem for companies who develop an ASIC in-house, using their own design engineers,“ says Sharon Akler, Sales Manager at DELTA.
Until now, ASIC design houses have had to work with multiple suppliers and coordinate the various activities between them, incurring significant delays, risk and overhead. DELTA’s ASIComplete program reduces that risk and enables ASIC design houses and fabless vendors to get access to a robust ASIC supply chain vendor and thereby focus on their real core competence.”

Every company with the need for semiconductor services could benefit from the program.

The partner program includes

  • ASIC supply chain
  • Access to foundries
  • Test solutions
  • Packaging
  • QA & failure analysis

Benefits to partners

  • Long term revenues
  • Competitive advantage
  • Winning more projects

You will get access to

Wafer fabs




Supply chain for delivery of

Tested wafers

Test components

Test program development

Production wafer and/or component level test


ASIC design support

GDS II to physical relaxation


Low power, sensor IF


Access to packaging houses

Package design

Package qualification

Quality assurance

Overstress test e.g. Latch up, HTOL, ESD

Supply chain logistics


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