Chips for payment systems

DELTA has designed ASICs and SoCs since 1984, and has one of the largest and most experienced IC design teams in Europe

One of our major fields of expertise is payment systems and our chips for Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) and Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) are implemented in systems worldwide.

DELTA’s single chip road toll device

The ASICs that DELTA has developed for customers, support the GSS standard v.3.2 and consist of an analogue part including an analogue receiver front end and a digital baseband controller. It operates in two modes: standby and active.

In standby mode the device searches for a valid downlink from the Road Side Unit (RSU). In this mode only a limited part of the functionality is operational in order to reduce power consumption.

Active mode is entered when a valid downlink signal has been detected. When the device is in active mode it is fully operational and power to the baseband controller is enabled; the On Board Unit (OBU) is now ready to perform transactions with the Road Side Unit (RSU).

A special circuit on the ASIC secures that the system will only go active, when it receives a valid downlink signal.

ETC/ERP or enforcement systems

The first chip was developed in 0.6 µCMOS where analogue and digital functions were separated in two chips.

Today, we have delivered more than 30 million chips inside this application. The state-of-the-art is a single chip solution in 0.18µ CMOS.

Your chip

You probably have new ideas so please give us a call. We will be ready to work with your ideas and turn them into an ASIC.

Product brief for our single chip front-end and baseband controller

Examples IP blocks

Some of the main IP blocks that DELTA can integrate on the chip are:

  • Low noise amplifier
  • Voltage regulator
  • XTAL oscillator
  • Wake-up discriminator
  • State controller
  • Power-on reset
  • PLL
  • HDLC-controller
  • Encryption
  • User interface
  • Timers
  • CPU
  • Serial interface
  • Power management
  • Flash memory
  • Data RAM
  • Read our IP specifications here

Working with DELTA gives you

  • Application experience (since 1984)
  • Production experience (>30 million devices delivered)
  • Single chip solutions
  • Small chip size
  • Unique wake-up circuit to limit battery usage
  • Ultra low power consumption (> 10 years battery lifetime)
  • Mixed signal and RF design
  • Supply chain management

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