Internet of Things

By adding intelligence to your product, you add value to your customers. This gives you the opportunity to sell more than just your current product, but also data.

IoT Business model

IoT Business model


The biggest barrier for implementing a new technology like IoT, is to create a specific vision for the product or service.


Having defined a specific application and developed the first prototype, it is critical to remove any technical barriers for the solution.

Design and development

During this phase, we coordinate requirements and development competence needs in a requirement specification.

Test and validation

The technical validation is just as important for the final product as the regulatory approvals.

Integration and manufacturing

The IoT magic does not occur before the data from the device is integrated corretly into other systems and a robust production set-up has been established.

ASIC for IoT

It is possible to combine all the applications you need in one chip – an ASIC.

By combining all the applications into an ASIC, you will be able to get:

Small size chip
Cryptation – Harder for competitor to copy
High performance
Low power
Improved reliability
Cost reduction
Long term supply
Customized manufacturing

If you want to know more about what an ASIC is, you can get more knowledge with this fact sheet.

We, at DELTA – a part of FORCE Technology, operates with a flexible business model for designing and developing ASIC’s. We can help you with any part of the supply chain you are looking for. You can read more about our business model here.

Nordic IoT centre

To develop successful IoT products and systems requires the use of many different technical and commercial skills. FORCE Technology and the Alexandra Institute, have teamed up to form the Nordic IoT Centre, where all these skills have been gathered. Learn more about the Nordic IoT Centre.

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