Designs for the medical industry

DELTA Microelectronics has provided semiconductor services to the medical market for more than a decade.

Our IC design and production team is aware of all the requirements related to medical products and is therefore able to reduce the risk involved in such an IC product dramatically.

In recent years, DELTA has developed many ICs in the area of RFID and NFC, and our technologies are fully compliant with the medical market.

The DELTA team, located in Denmark and the UK, provides the complete mix of design and production services needed to successfully bring your new or existing products into an ASIC technology and therefore realise decreased cost combined with increased performance and quality.

Our flexible business model enables us to support you in all phases of ASIC design, production, test and supply chain.


An Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) incorporates a large amount of functions into a small custom-made IC.

In today’s competitive markets, ASICs provide many benefits such as lower production price, low power and smaller size to fit your requirements perfectly.


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