Optical chips

We design low-power, low-cost optical chips for applications requiring image sensing capabilities, colour, light and distance measurement, and motion control.

Low-power image sensor chips

Over the years, we have developed image sensor chips and ICs for various sensor applications, providing low-power consumption, high sensitivity and fast image updates. The smart, single-chip optical systems we design have been integrated across a range of industrial environments such as IoT, motion and luminance detection, object tracking and data communication via RF links.

We use the minimal image resolution necessary for each application, together with smart software algorithms, to integrate image sensing capabilities into battery-powered or battery-less optical sensor solutions.  Our optical experts help integrate and customize the optical design for each customer application. We determine the optimal setup for on-chip/off-chip components, including sensor size, analogue amplifiers and digital control/communication, in order to minimise price, size and power consumption.

Colour and light measurements

Combining standard CMOS technology and optical filters on the chip diode, we offer light detection and colour measurement capabilities for industrial and process control applications. Some examples include early corrosion detection in steel constructions and gas pipes, food- bacteria and of humidity detection, and eyewear protection. Read the welding helmet case study.

Optical touch screens and industrial applications

While most touchscreens are based on capacitance sensing technology, our optical ASIC technology enables light-based touchscreens that are more resistant to external mechanical impact, are pressure sensitive (3-dimension) and work underwater. Our ASIC combines an optical sensor that samples the light and a microprocessor that calculates the coordinates of the finger touching the screen. Read the WaveTouch case study to learn more.

The photodiode opto ASIC principles are applicable to other sensor applications where light disappears as a function of movement, like rotation detection/control in robotics and precision machinery. 


Distance measurement using Time of Flight (ToF) technology

Our optical chips can provide accurate distance measurement, based on the time required for emitted photons to be reflected and measured on receiving diodes. Different optical filters enable photodiodes to be sensitive to specific wavelengths, providing the flexibility for different applications.  Depending on your application requirements, we enable using 2-phase or 4-phase measurements in order to obtain maximum measurement accuracy.

“We chose DELTA as our ASIC-supplier because they demonstrated knowledge within sensor technology allowing the combination of environmental and physical data.”

Simon Combes,

CTO at Gooee

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