Optical chips

The combined advantages of microelectronics and optics

An opto-based microchip implemented in standard CMOS technology has made it possible for DELTA to deliver new types of low cost opto chips which can be used within many industrial areas.

At DELTA, ASIC and optical engineers have worked together with this technology since the early 2000s.

We believe that there is a great future in combining optic physics and ASIC technologies. This has resulted in several new cost optimisation ideas.

Touch screens and industrial applications

Optical Finger Touch Detection using only one OPTO ASIC have been made possible using laser light, line arrays of optical photodiodes together with a special developed planar waveguide in collaboration with the company OPDI Technologies A/S.

This new sensor ASIC application sets a new standard for optical touch detection.

Producing the sensor chip in a standard 0.18 µm CMOS process results in a very low cost component.

You can add all kinds of standard available CMOS IPs such as microcontrollers, memory, RFID, ADC, LNA etc.

Line array photodiode opto asics has numerous application options. Rotation detection/control in industry (robotics and/or precision machinery), barcode reading and many other.

Photodiodes can freely be varied in size, number, array aspect ratio etc.

Eyewear, safety and sensor systems

Putting on a pair of sunglasses actually means that we are turning down the luminance.

This is an on/off solution which can be automated and/or made gradually using OPTO ASICs to measure incoming light and partly dimming the sunglasses.

DELTA has e.g. made an OPTO ASIC to control the automatically dimming of a safety welding helmet.

This technology can be applied to sunglasses, window controls, ski goggles etc.

For each customer, we find the optimal setup of on-chip/off-chip components, sensor size, analog amplifiers and digital control/communication to minimise price, size and current consumption for the specific application.

Sensor systems where light is used and size, price and current consumption is critical parameters, it can be very profitable to integrate a complete optical system and/or optical system control in an opto ASIC.

IP as prototypes for customers – a new design strategy

In order to shorten development time, DELTA has developed various opto asic prototype ideas you can use to build ‘proof-of-concepts’.

DELTA has a great deal of application knowledge within the opto and ASIC areas and we are ready to help you enabling the technology and verifying ‘proof-of-concept’, before investments in the actual development project are made.

“We use standard CMOS technology for the optical chips, making our sensors much cheaper than our competitors.”

— Gert Jørgensen

VP Sales & Marketing, DELTA


  • Quality control and production monitoring
  • Colour mark detection and colour measurements
  • Precision photometry
  • Proximity sensing
  • Laser monitoring
  • Optical power metering
  • Portable colour reader for consumer and industrial applications
  • Display colour adjustment and backlight/contrast control
  • System calibration
  • Detector for various light sources, mood lighting, solar tracking, solar panel alignment
  • Eye wear such as sunglasses, goggles, motorcycle helmets

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