RFID Solutions

IC design for Radio Frequency IDenification applications (RFID Solutions)

DELTA has been designing ASICs and SoCs since 1984, and has one of the largest and most experienced IC design teams in Europe. Our knowledge of the RFID sector is extensive.

One-stop RFID solutions

We offer the spectrum of services to support RFID applications, including mixed-signal IC design and a library of proven circuitry.

Recently, DELTA has developed a semi-costum RFID sensor tag conforming to ISO 14443 and ISO 15693.

Furthermore, we support this with complete silicon production, wafer/component testing and packaging capabilities – including individual customisation of tags – providing an efficient one-stop solution for RFID projects.

Broad experience within active and passive tags

Our experience in this market sector is very broad, and includes passive and active tags for close proximity or longer range applications, backed by an exceptionally wide range of system level IP including processors, microcontrollers, non-volatile memory, embedded sensors, etc.

HF and UHF front-end IPs

Continuing investments are being made by DELTA’s Microelectronics business unit to support the rapidly growing demand for customised RFID solutions from HF to microwave frequencies – including IP for HF and UHF front ends that can be used for communications as well as energy harvesting purposes. This IP can enable new products in wireless equipment markets such as security fobs, door openers, automobile keys, etc.

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  • Sensor tags
  • 5.8 GHz transponders for payment systems (such as the Danish BroBizz scheme)
  • Connected health applications
  • Passive RFID tags
  • Active RFID tags
  • Tags with applications-specific privacy functions, sensors
  • HF/UHF communications / energy harvesting
  • Standards compliance (NFC, ISO 14443-A/15693, EPC Gen2)
  • Multi-protocol support
  • Encryption (DES, DES3, AES, SHA-1)

“We are extremely pleased to be in a position to take advantage of DELTA’s intimate knowledge and the mobile payment, RFID and sensor markets and to be able to offer their extensive portfolio of solutions”

— Howard Pakosh

President and Chief Executive Officer, TekStart

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