ASIC manufacturing services

Our turnkey ASIC manufacturing services cover the complete cycle – from wafer procurement through packaging, assembly, test, qualification, supply chain management and failure analysis – or can handle a specific phase, based on your needs.

We take pride in our high standards and total quality control that help our customers maximise yield and minimise risk of flawed components. With more than 30 years of supporting IC manufacturing, we have developed formal test procedures and quality management methodologies that assure our clients of the rigorous process their products receive. Our facilities are ISO 9001 certified for microelectronics design since 1999.

Wafer procurement and probing

Our close relations with multiple foundry partners and the combined volume from our customer base allow us to obtain better prices and services for your ASIC production. Additionally, well-established communication interfaces with foundries enable us to achieve tighter AQL (Acceptance Quality Level) control for your wafers. Learn more.

IC Packaging

We offer a spectrum of packaging solutions – from selecting packaging technology in early stages, through in-house packaging for prototyping, to full-scale packaging solutions. Our packaging experience includes wafer scale, QFN, BGA, RF/wireless, stacked ICs, high power dissipation, extremely large pin counts, multi-chip and integrated passive components. Our in-house facilities handle bumping and wire bonding, and allow you to perform rapid prototyping following wafer fabrication. Learn more.

Chip and Component testing

Our Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), multiple handlers and expert ASIC test engineers allow us to offer a high-quality level of component testing. We operate the largest commercial microelectronics testing facilities in Europe with unmatched test equipment covering analog, digital, and mixed signal design components. Our test lab includes a range of component testers and handlers that optimise test throughput and can support the most cost-effective test rates available today. Learn more.

Supply chain

DELTA transparently manages the entire ASIC manufacturing supply chain, eliminating management overhead from your staff. We manage subcontractors, while coordinated all activities and delivery dates with your project team to ensure you receive tested components on-time. Learn more.

Failure Analysis

Field returns and component failures are often related to packaging issues such as delamination, temperature effects, and bond wire failures. Our testing experts use specialised equipment, ranging from mechanical access techniques to X-ray and electron scanning microscope, to quickly identify the root cause of such problems. Learn more.

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