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The ASIC vs. COT dilemma

Choosing between a customer owned tooling (COT) and an ASIC production model is a dilemma faced by any fabless company. Depending on your company size and production volumes, each of the models has its pros and cons.

With the ASIC model you take advantage of your vendor’s manufacturing expertise, infrastructure and best practices, and reduce your risk.

The COT model, on the other hand, lets you maintain control in house but requires more resources and entails a higher risk. As an earlier stage company, cutting production costs may be one of your priorities, but you need to focus on your design core competencies rather than take the full burden of manufacturing.

The best of both worlds

DELTA’s ASIC to COT hybrid model offers the best of both worlds.

Using this flow, you can begin with our turnkey manufacturing services, with DELTA taking full or partial responsibility over manufacturing.

Then, you can gradually switch to the COT model, take ownership of manufacturing and interface directly with suppliers. This transition is supported by DELTA with a full knowledge transfer covering procedures, documentation, and supplier interfaces.

ASIC to COT benefits

  • Minimize risk and overhead. Begin with the DELTA’s reliable manufacturing services, using our full or partial turnkey solutions
  • Reduce production costs by gradually switching to in-house COT
  • Benefit from DELTA’s manufacturing ‘know-how’ with a transition of knowledge, tools and processes

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