Benefit from our extensive experience managing dozens of projects at GLOBALFOUNDRIES. Ensure you meet your deadlines, minimize manufacturing costs, and maximize the yield of chips

Efficient GLOBALFOUNDRIES chip production

As a GLOBALFOUNDRIES channel and ASIC partner covering Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), we provide access to all GLOBALFOUNDRIES portfolio of semiconductor technologies together with a range of value added productization services. Our services are ideal for companies requiring MPW runs or lower-mid production volumes, who can benefit from flexible 22/40/65/130nm mixed technology options. We offer:

  • PDK and library licenses
  • Design support
  • Wafer & mask set procurement

Our value-added services complement GLOBALFOUNDRIES technology with packaging services, development of test solutions, production testing of components, wafer probing, failure analysis and logistics for the complete end-to-end supply chain.


From the selection of the most suitable packaging for your chip through the implementation of the selected package via our partners – we offer complete IC packaging solutions, including wafer scale packaging, QFN, BGA, stacked ICs and more. For prototyping and low-volume runs, our in-house facilities offer wire bonding services to validate designs and accelerate development cycle.


Our in-house ASIC test facilities, one of the largest microelectronics facilities in Europe, offers comprehensive testing services, including test program development, production tests, qualification, environmental and burn-in tests.

Logistics and supply chain

Using our dedicated manufacturing ERP system, we manage the entire supply chain process for low and high-volume manufacturing, including managing suppliers, order handling, forecasting, reporting, and QA. We operate at the highest quality standards and have been approved for ISO 9001 certification for microelectronics design since 1999.

Failure analysis lab

Our extensive in-house semiconductor failure analysis lab includes specialised state-of-the art equipment such as X-ray, scanning electron microscope examination and wafer probing equipment to quickly troubleshoot the cause of failures.

“DELTA Microelectronics has a strong track record in providing value-added semiconductor services. We believe that many of our customers will benefit from the support offered by DELTA to develop solutions based on GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ processes”

— Craig Luhrmann

Vice President of channels at GLOBALFOUNDRIES.


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