Rapid, cost-effective prototyping

Multi-project wafer (MPW) service

Our Multi Project Wafer (MPW) services enables low-cost prototyping and low-volume production runs on GLOBALFOUNDRIES technologies.

Sharing the expense of maskset with other shuttle program participants lets you reduce the costs of pre-production or prototype designs before committing to a full production mask set.

Our MPW service is particularly useful for device characterization, low-volume prototyping, and verification of IPs.

We offer full support and visibility – from the prompt delivery of process development kits (PDKs), through reviewing GDSII files before submitting to GLOBALFOUNDRIES for processing, and up to delivery of bare dies. In addition, we provide optional packaging, quality inspection, and logistics services based on your needs.


Our packaging team can evaluate your design and assist with making informed decisions regarding the most suitable packaging for your design.

Through our partnership with packaging houses, we offer the best packaging options for your design prototypes, including wafer scale packaging, QFN, BGA, stacked ICs and more.

For small batches with urgent turnaround time, our In-house facilities provide manual wire bonding service and can produce packaged components within days of receiving silicon, so that evaluation and trials can be completed rapidly.

Quality Inspection

Using our Failure Analysis labs we perform quality inspection for component received from assembly houses – including visual inspection and deep X-Ray review to verify wire bond connectivity.

This allows you to focus on functional testing with the assurance that the die is properly assembled.

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