Contactless Payment Cards

Supporting a wide-range of contactless payment card applications, our ASIC solutions include near-field communication (NFC), energy harvesting, and security.

Closed Loop Payment Cards

Many organizations are taking proactive steps today to improve their customers’ experience via contactless pay cards.

Similar to credit cards (often labelled open loop cards), closed loop payment cards incorporate security mechanisms that prevent fraud and enable completing a contactless transaction instantly, thereby eliminating the need for PIN codes and providing a faster, easier, and more secure payment experience.

Closed-loop payment cards, which are used with a specific payee, are rapidly increasing in popularity in various markets like bus cards, loyalty/gift cards, prepaid cell phone cards, gas station refuelling cards and parking cards.

The Components of a Contactless Payment Card

A contactless payment incorporates a custom ASIC or integrated circuit (IC) for managing power, data storage, and security functions, like fingerprint biometrics or standard EMV transactions.

While each payment card may include different capabilities, the following common functions are typically included.

NFC (Near Field Communication). Enables close-range communications between the payment card and an NFC reader (terminal) and passes encrypted information to complete secure payments.

Processor. Supports the payment card functionality and security, handling the multiple interfaces for contactless applications.

Flash. Store memory keys and data, allowing the memory card to store data without having to pass data to terminal.

Power management. Allows payment cards to operate by taking the energy needed from the payment terminal using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

Biometric sensor. Processes and communicate biometric fingerprint information securely to verify payment.

NFC Frontend IP

DELTA’s NFC transceiver uses the 13.56MHz RFID frequency so support close-range communications between payment cards and NFC readers and pass encrypted information to complete secure payments.  Based on GLOBALFOUNDRIES 55nm PX technology, the transceiver offers low-power, low voltage operation. For more details, see the DELTA NFC front-end IP data sheet.

Energy Harvesting and Power Management IP

Eliminating the need for a battery or external power supply, our ASIC solution harvests energy from the payment terminal over Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, enabling both active and passive cards payment cards to operate flawlessly.

A power management module controls efficient storage and usage of power, managing the load and sleep operations and helping the payment card achieve an energy neutral operation. It supports the power and charging requirements of biometric fingerprint sensors. For more information, see the Energy Harvesting brochure.

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