Proven function blocks to speed ASIC/SoC design

A key parameter in the speed and success of DELTA’s ASIC design service is the availability of a library of proven functional circuit blocks.

Some are designed by DELTA, some are provided by third parties – each of which has been verified in silicon or FPGAs.

Shorten time to market

This significantly reduces the risk and cost involved in an ASIC/SoC project, and shortens time to market.


DELTA also has partnerships with a number of specialist design houses, who have their own proven IP libraries for wireless and RF and deep sub-micron projects.

Our IP library includes:


HDLC controller (DSRC)

8/32 bit processor cores

DES/triple DES processor, SHA-1 hash

LVDS low-voltage differential signalling I/Os

RFID 14443/15693 multiprotocol baseband modulator/demodulator

PLL based frequency synthesizer

32 x 32 Image array

16 channel 80 volt Battery Management monitor

Data Converter: SAR ADCs (8- to 10-bit), DACs (8- to 10-bit), 16-bit Delta Sigma Converter   

Battery monitor

Battery remove detector

Hall-effect sensors

Bandgap reference

Photodiode sensors (visible and near infrared light)

Scalable On-Chip photodiode(s)

Photodiode Line Array  with Rolling shutter/Global shutter

Continous photodiode amplifier (TIA)

Laser Driver    

ULP RC or XTAL oscillators

Power-on reset, brown-out detectors

DSRC analog front-end and baseband

Temperatur sensor

Capacitance measure

Voltage regulator, ULP voltage regulator

Amplifiers: LNA, opamp (rail-to-rail), Sample and hold amplifier,

Comparator (high speed, high resolution, low power), instrumentation, transconductance, switch CAP

EPC GEN2 front-end (UHF RFID) (in development)

EPC GEN2 digital protocol handler (UHF RFID) (in development)

RFID 14443/15693 multiprotocol front end

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