IoT Low-Power Chip Design

DELTA’s low-power IOT chip design services blend the digital and physical worlds by incorporating our rich expertise in sensor technology, wireless communication (RF), and low-power processing.

Data acquisition

Gathering real-time data from the physical world is an essential component of IoT applications, in order to improve processes and enable smarter, more informed decisions. Data capture and data management, therefore, are amongst the key challenges of smart, connected IoT applications.

DELTA’s IoT ASIC design combines smart sensor technology for the autonomous collection of environmental data such as temperature, shock, acceleration, humidity, or pressure. Combining standard CMOS technology and optical filters , our  custom ASIC design services offers capabilities like light detection and colour measurement for various industrial and process control applications.

We determine the optimal partitioning for on-chip/off-chip components, including sensor size, analogue amplifiers and digital control/communication, in order to minimise price, size and power consumption.

Wireless communication

In the past, RFID was simply been used an electronic barcode for identification. Today RFID technology can be used with or without battery (active or passive) as active transmitters to capture and relay information generated by intelligent sensor systems.

An example of our wireless communication capabilities is THOR, an NFC/Multiprotocol IC which performs temperature measurements and stores results with a configurable time intervals. THOR can be powered actively with a battery or passively by harvesting energy from an NFC field.

Power efficiency

With IoT sensor devices, the energy source typically presents challenges related to cost, installation, service/maintenance and user experience.

DELTA offers battery-less data transmission capabilities using various methods, including carrier frequency and energy harvesting. Powered exclusively by harvested energy from heat or indoor light, IoT devices are self-powered eliminating the need for a battery and their replacement.

“We chose DELTA as our ASIC-supplier because they demonstrated knowledge within sensor technology allowing the combination of environmental data with physical data.”

— Simon Combes

CTO at Gooee

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