ASIC design in high demand


The activity level for ASIC design has been very high the last year so we decided to expand.

During the spring period we have hired three new ASIC designers to a total of 17 for our activities in Denmark and UK.

Image sensors for the Internet of Things

One of our new designers has a background in image sensor chip development. We want to strengthen our competences in development of photo sensor detectors and low cost image sensors – e.g. to be used for IoT style sensor nodes. This Chinese ASIC designer has already successfully worked for us as a consultant for a year on a state-of-the-art project for IoT style sensor node.

RF communication for IoT sensor nodes

IoT style sensor nodes typically also require RF communication. Therefore, we also have expanded our RF capabilities by hiring an RF IC designer with 17 years of experience. He has been working in Silicon Valley with a background of RF IC development from some of the major players in this area – covering designs for mobile communication as well as microwave designs for radar applications.  One of the areas for use of his competences is further development of our UHF RFID IP portfolio.

System On Chip for low power applications

Today, most of the designs we do are in the category System On Chip (SoC) – typically for low power applications. They are either battery operated or with integrated energy harvesting, e.g. RFID applications.

The ability to work with ultra-low power digital designs is therefore a must. We are pleased to have strengthened our competences in this area by hiring a very experienced digital IC designer from India with a background from development of basebands and other parts for mobile phones. He also has experience in development of ICs for hearing aid applications and implementation of Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) which will help us to improve efficiency and reusability of verification IP for our projects.

Stronger in ASIC design execution

All-in-all we are now even better in the ability to execute ASIC projects in our focus areas of road tolling, RFID, IoT style sensor nodes with e.g. integrated image sensors as well as other mixed signal style designs for low power applications.


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