Flexstr8 Inc. – Combined customer and supplier development efforts


Flexstr8 Inc. is a US-based company with a long history of RFID tag production.

Six months ago, Flexstr8 Inc. learned about DELTA’s RFID standard component “THOR” which is aimed to be a wireless RFID connection to sensors. “THOR” has a microcontroller, temperature sensor and a 16 bit ADC integrated.

Flexstr8’s strategy is to develop and supply new intelligent RFID tags with multiple sensors on-board. One example is the new temperature logging smart label. Flexstr8 supplies prototypes as well as volume deliveries with a short turn-around time. Focus is medical, food, and similar applications.

Flexstr8 and DELTA see it as beneficial to combine engineering resources at DELTA for a limited time in order for one of DELTA’s Field Application Engineers (FAE) to support real projects together with Flexstr8 engineers. This way, Flexstr8 engineers are able to manage their fast development process themselves with a faster response to customers as result.

Flextr8’s development site is located in Los Angeles, California. Low cost production lines in China manufacture the smart labels.


Eric Casavant at DELTA for training together with DELTA FAE , Bjarne Lyngvåg, one of the architects behind the RFID component “THOR”

Eric Casavant arrived from Los Angeles on a Wednesday and by Friday he was fully trained to use “THOR” and its possibilities in Flextr8’s development site back in LA.

“The RFID component is rather unique“, claims Eric Casavant, Flexstr8, “It has a resolution we have not been able to find elsewhere in the market for RFID applications”, he continues. “At Flexstr8 we have compared different solutions for intelligent tags and found DELTA’s solution to be easy to work with. We have even been able to change the firmware ourselves”.

“THOR” is available from DELTA as bare dies, bumped dies, packaged devices, and with or without firmware installed.

DELTA offers similar training programs to all of our “THOR” customers. The duration is usually three working days.

For further information about Flextr8’s products, please contact CTO Eric Casavant, Eric is responsible for Flexstr8’s new technical solutions.

For further information on “THOR”, please contact DELTA


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