IoT – how do you want to wake up in the morning?


Imagine a world where you in the morning – still lying in your bed trying to wake up – make yourself a cup of coffee with your smartphone or start your toaster thus your breakfast is ready when you finally get out of bed. This can now be your start of the day, as we enter the third information technology wave.

With this third information technology wave, the way “things” work will revolutionise the global market dramatically – interplay between physical and digital technologies.


So what is this IoT…..?

IoT (Internet of Things) is basically a concept where any devices with an on and off switch can be connected to the internet or other devices. This could be anything from your smartphone, toaster, refrigerator, body sensors and so much more. You can see it as a giant network, where “things” and people are connected in all directions with each other.

And what does it mean for your products?

Design of smart, connected products will revolutionise your business idea and competition will not only be a question of price alone. The keyword is data capture – how can data be used to create new business opportunities.

The question is then, which intelligent feature would you like to add to your product in order to be competitive in the market and to deliver cutting-edge value to your customers?

Transform to a “Digital Champion”

Basically, you need three things to design a smart, connected product:

A physical product
     your product
Smart components
     sensors and software to collect data
Connectivity components
     RFID, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.

When your product is connected to the internet, it will be more vulnerable to hackers so security is vital, which makes it important to remember encryption on your product.

Where does DELTA enter the IoT picture?

IoT communicates across the many industrial value chain where it is possible to make smarter and connected products.

DELTA has focused our development efforts on specific application areas in order to give you a short, safe and fast path to proof-of-concept before huge investments are initiated.

Use image sensors to monitor environmental conditions
If you want to monitor environmental conditions such as shock, acceleration, humidity, temperature or pressure it can be digitalised much simpler using an image sensor.

Energy harvesting for very low power or battery less
DELTA’s long history of low power applications has led to our focus on battery less data transmission. You can transmit your data via RFID without a battery – by use of the carrier frequency. Energy harvesting can also contribute to reduce power consumption.

As you want it
All customers have different needs and different requirements. For every one, we are able to find the optimal solution by selection of the right mix of on-chip/off-chip components, sensor size, analog amplifiers and digital communication which minimises price, size and power consumption.

It is time to get started with the world of IoT. Only your imagination sets the limit for your future.

Read a hot IoT case here:”World’s smallest sensor for LED lightning and IoT”


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