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A 3M Welding Helmet takes a technology leap with a DELTA ASIC


    Welding safety at new technological heights

    A way to successful chips

    Welding safety reaches new heights with the Speedglas™ welding shields with Adflo™ respirator from 3M – a leader in welding safety.

    The combined technologies efficiently prevent eye injuries caused by dangerous light radiation from the welding process as well as illness from inhaling poisonous welding fumes – and at the same time offer a high degree of comfort.

    Product development the DELTA way

    The DELTA technology experts succeeded in several product improvments, increasing welding safety, enhancing comfort, strengthening reliability and lowering production costs.

    3M in fact reinvented the powered air respirator for welders combining the Adflo™ turbo unit for gas and particle filtering with Speedglas™ Auto- Darkening Welding Shields in a light, compact all-in-one system.

    Improved sound quality

    The welding helmet protects the welder against poisonous welding fumes by means of a ventilating system blowing filtered air into the helmet creating a slight pressure above the atmosphere.

    DELTA lowered the overall noise from the ventilating system using a passive silencer to increase the general comfort.

    Low cost reliability with ASIC

    The electronically controlled Speedglas™ Auto- Darkening Welding Shields offer the welder utmost safety and a high degree of comfort through variable shades and sensitivities by reliable switching to different welding methods.

    DELTA has facilitated a technology leap by replacing the existing electronic control system by a product specific microchip, an ASIC, designed by DELTA.

    Product development – DELTA services

    DELTA ensures our customer efficient product development at all stages.


    The welding helmet is developed in colaboration with leader in welding safety – 3M

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