Energy harvesting and Internet of Things in focus

    DELTA’s NFC chip mounted on PCB with solar cell for energy harvesting

    DELTA’s NFC chip mounted on PCB with solar cell for energy harvesting

    Internet of Things (IoT) and Energy Harvesting receives increasing attention from the media. DELTA has chosen these two areas to be our key strategy areas.

    DELTA will invest a total of EUR 3.5 million in IoT and Energy Harvesting over the next three years. We have defined two development projects: One will focus on how companies can interface sensors to their products and connect to the IoT. The other will focus on energy harvesting and development of new IPs to be tested in demonstrator projects.

    IoT demonstrators and proof-of-concept

    As IoT is about creating new business opportunities by adding intelligence to existing products, DELTA will focus on sensor nodes for IoT.

    Over the next three years DELTA will build up our knowledge by updating and developing new IPs. Furthermore, we will develop demonstrator projects to Danish companies to validate the technical potentials.

    We already have many years of experience in NFC and optical chips. It is our goal to expand and share this knowledge. We intend to design multi sensor functions with the help of the optical technology.

    The implementation of an intelligent optical sensor can be used for monitoring colour, luminance, movement, number of people or things etc. We believe that many mechanical sensors will be replaced with multi functional sensor platforms.

    Some of our efforts will be on intelligent sensor applications.

    Another area of interest is to expand the reading distance. We intend to use our RFID experience and build e-field systems. This will extend the sensor range up to 10 metres with battery-less systems.

    Energy harvesting and power management

    We will develop industrial demonstrators of sensor networks which uses energy harvesting technologies. The aim is to combine IoT and Energy Harvesting to create battery-less sensor networks.

    We will start with a feasibility study and identify potential business cases. We will then choose a specific business focus and an energy harvesting principle. Recognised technologies for energy harvesting will be investigated and matched to application areas. These technologies could be e.g. Piezo-elements, solar cells, heat, movement etc. After the feasibility study, some of the demonstrators will be further developed and taken into production.

    Pluridisciplinary teams secure robust solutions

    DELTA will use pluridisciplinary teams to work on the two focus areas. Some will be involved in work with the business cases, others with the technologies.

    If you work in a Danish company that would like to explore solutions within IoT and/or energy harvesting, please contact Gert Jørgensen to discuss your case.

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