THOR – NFC temperature logger IC

The DELTA Microelectronics THOR is a multiprotocol (ISO 14443A and ISO 15693) transponder chip (PICC) that can perform measurements and store results with a configurable time interval (0.1 s to 10 h)


Measurements can originate from the on-chip high precision temperature sensor, an external differential analogue signal or from the SPI master interface. The logging capacity is up to 28 KB.

Data transfer rate is up to 848 kb/s and the UID is configurable up to 10 bytes.

With a credit card size antenna, operation up to 10 cm from reader is possible. For autonomous logging the device can be mounted with a 2.7 – 5.5 V battery.

When no measurement is performed standby current consumption is below 1 μA. When an RF field is applied, the internal power supply switches to power extracted from the RF field.

The chip can also supply 2.7 – 3.1 V to an auxiliary slave, e.g. an SPI sensor.

The embedded EEPROM memory size is 32 K bytes. Apart from measurement results and default drivers, it can also hold custom SW applications.

Tamper detection is also supported. DES hardware encryption is available for data privacy.


Temperature logging for temperature sensitive objects/parcels or RF interface to various SPI controlled sensors e.g. pressure, tilt, voltage, light etc. See more examples.

Data sheet

Read the data sheet for THOR here.

“I used THOR to develop a passive RFID chip capable of storing a large amount of data. As I could not find any RFID with such a large internal memory, I looked for an RFID chip capable of establishing an SPI communication with an external, no volatile memory chip. By web searching, I found the product THOR. I am using THOR and all I can say is that it is really a great device!”

— Dr. Aldo Minardo

Associate Professor in Electronics, Seconda Università di Napoli

Lean more about THOR - NFC temperature logger & wireless bridge IC

Key features

  • Fully compliant to ISO 14443A and ISO 15693
  • openMSP430 CPU with debug interface
  • Temperature accuracy: ±0.5°C (abs), ±0.1°C (relative)
  • Temperature range -20°C to +85ºC
  • 16 bits linear low-offset instrumentation ΣΔ ADC
  • Up to 24 KB logging storage capacity
  • SPI master interface for auxiliary slave
  • Optional ultra-low power crystal clock
  • Can be operated with and without battery power
  • Firmware upgradable
  • Ultra-low power tag storage mode (< 0.1 μA)
  • DES encryption hardware support
  • Available in QFN32 package or tested dies

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