Integrated Circuit (IC) Testing

Test your ICs – from wafer probing to final tests after packaging – using our advanced, European quality test lab.

Unmatched IC testing experience

Our rich test experience is difficult to match and includes complex wireless and mixed signal ICs operating at up to20 GHz, ultra-high speed wired and fibre components, digital chips with as many as 1600 pins, and many more. With over 1000 IC test solutions, our team can develop your test plan, verify IC design and help you achieve high-quality production with continued yield improvements.

We tailor our cost-effective test solutions to the exact needs and volume of each customer and run a variety of tests, which may include:

  • Wafer tests
  • Final tests (after packaging)
  • Qualification, environmental and burn-in test
  • Temperature semiconductor testing
  • Failure analysis

Wireless semiconductor test expertise

We offer our expertise in testing various wireless communication ICs for both consumer and industrial applications, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RFID, and other wireless frequency interfaces, including high-speed signals up to 20 GHz.

Advanced semiconductor test facilities

Our advanced semiconductor test lab, which is one of the largest microelectronics IC testing facilities in Europe, offers the ability to precisely simulate the logic of IC’s electric signals and rapidly interpret test results.

The ISO 9001 certified test facilities support multi-site parallel testing with a variety of ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) and the ability to test analogue, digital and mixed signal technology components. Our test lab includes:

  • Component testers (ATE)
  • Wafer probers
  • Component handlers
  • Dynamic burn-in chambers

Temperature testing

We offer dedicated temperature component handlers for testing semiconductor ICs under temperatures ranging from -55°C to 175°C. This enables validating component operation under harsh environmental conditions, which is particularly critical for automotive, industrial and military products.

Optimized IC test cost

We typically engage with our customers from very early steps of the ASIC design phase, sharing our expertise, and helping engineers think about design for testability (DFT) and ensure we can apply manufacturing tests to the designed ICs.  This, together with our multi-site test capabilities, helps our customers save time and reduce costs.

Semiconductor supply chain service

IC testing is part of our end-to-end supply chain solution, which cover the complete ASIC manufacturing cycle – from wafer procurement through packaging, assembly, test, qualification, supply chain management and failure analysis.

“DELTA’s proven expertise and experience in testing and qualification of ICs for wireless applications ensures a very rapid and secure path to qualified volume production for our WLAN products.”

— Pär Bergsten

CEO, Nanoradio

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