ASIC development flow


This enforces strict adherence to procedures that are designed to assure users of first-time-right success, combined with the flexibility to make modifications quickly and cost effectively – and without introducing errors.

Focus on verification

DELTA has the complete integrated tool chain for analogue, digital or mixed signal IC designs, providing a coherent approach to design. Verification steps are enforced at several points in the design cycle.

We also make extensive use of scripts, which means that modifications can be made easily, and the design can then be automatically regenerated – with enforced verification – to make sure that changes do not introduce new errors.

Design for testability

DELTA’s design-for-testability background also means that we are able to help clients create highly testable designs to make production testing easier, by adding boundary scan and scan chain hardware for digital circuit sections, and/or additional analogue hardware resources.

Our experts are always on-hand to help you minimise the risks inherent in any ASIC project.

The ASIC development flow


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