Custom IC Design

Over 40 years in a broad range of applications

The most important factor in choosing a partner for an ASIC design project is experience.


The cost and risk associated with developing custom silicon can be very high, and experience is the best tool at your disposal to ensure a first-time-right outcome.

DELTA has been designing ASICs since 1984, and has built one of the most experienced design teams available in Europe to support IC design projects.

A wide range of technologies

Our multi-disciplinary team includes many designers with more than a decade in the field, and as you would expect, DELTA has worked with a very wide range of technologies including:

  • FPGA
  • Digital design
  • Mixed signal designs
  • DFT (design for testability) techniques
  • DSP and software-intensive architectures
  • Analog and radio frequency design (ultra low power)

Involve us in the early stages

This experience is available to assist you at any point during an ASIC design project. However, involving us at the very outset can be particularly valuable.

Our know-how means that we can often help you make important architectural and system partitioning decisions that can yield significant gains not only in terms of product performance and flexibility, but affecting the cost, lifetime and manufacturability of the device itself.

A part of our application range

The range of application areas we have worked on is very broad. However, here are a few of our recent projects where we have either assisted, or worked throughout the entire ASIC process:

  • Wireless IC for payment systems
  • Inverse FFT filter for a GPS system
  • Ultra low power optical sensor interface and actuator
  • Fingerprint sensor interface and signal processing system
  • Medical sensor interface, datalogger and short-range wireless link
  • Ultra-low-power single-chip solution for an RFID tag (case study “Cypak”, download here)

Digital, analog and mixed signal ICs

During that time we have worked with most silicon semiconductor technologies – from plain CMOS to exotic processes – to produce digital, analog and mixed signal IC solutions.

We are an almost unique resource in Europe, supplying the spectrum of microelectronics services from front end design to inventory management of finished devices.

Specific services or a complete solution

A broad network of trusted partners complements our own extensive design, test and logistics resources.

So you can rely on DELTA to provide precisely the service mix you need, whether it’s a specific service to support your own IC project, or a complete turnkey ASIC solution.

DELTA’s services free you to focus on your core skills. We will take complete responsibility for providing and managing part or all of the complex supply chain involved in IC production.

“After having looked worldwide, we chose DELTA. There are, of course, obvious benefits to them being local, but after they developed the prototype, they also proved that they had the expertise. They are a trusted partner. It has been a very good and beneficial cooperation, and they have certainly delivered on their promises.”

Henrik Granau

What do you need?

Wafer storage with assembly/test to schedule

Storage/test/batch-delivery of finished components

Front end design

Back end design

Design verification

Semiconductor process advice/selection

Foundry interface

Wafer procurement


Package development

Packaging technology selection

Wafer bumping

Tape and reel etc

Wafer probing

Life testing

Burn in services

Parametric testing

Qualification testing

Functional component test (including RF)

Failure analysis (SEM, decapsulation, FIB ..)

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