ASIC and SoC solutions

Still powering product revolutions after all these years

ASIC and SoC solutions have the potential to radically change the cost and performance of products.

They can reduce the manufacturing cost of a product by as much as 50% or more, while also making it smaller, lighter, and more reliable and power-efficient.

Smaller, more reliable and efficient…

This is especially the case in many market sectors outside of the mainstream electronics world, where electronics merely supports a product’s main function.

Examples might include healthcare devices, industrial control and data acquisition, and home appliances.

Minimise risk and cost

There is a drawback, of course. Creating a custom silicon device requires a significant investment and will add some months to a project’s time-to-market. So, a project tends to demand a certain manufacturing volume. Some would also say that with shortening equipment life cycles, it is becoming more difficult to justify the use of custom silicon.

The answer is to select an ASIC partner with genuine depth of experience. DELTA has been designing custom devices for clients since 1984, and we have the know-how, and working methods to minimise the risk and cost of a project, and to extend the flexibility and life of an IC.

For example:

We take responsibility

DELTA is a one stop shop – we take responsibility for the entire process and can avoid the pitfalls and errors that can arise when dealing with a chain of suppliers.

We understand

We understand both silicon fabrication and the way that electronics is evolving, and can advise or help you to make important architectural and system partitioning decisions that can yield significant gains. As an example, it may be possible to extend operational life and application flexibility by implementing more functions in software, and/or by building in ‘platform’ style flexibility.

We have the world’s best partners

We have partnerships with some of the world’s best and most cost effective silicon manufacturers and assemblers – helping you to lower the cost of your product dramatically.

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