Semiconductor failure analysis

A powerful in-house capability

DELTA operates its own in-house semiconductor failure analysis department.

We have a very large investment in specialised equipment for the task, from mechanical access techniques to X-ray and scanning electron microscope examination.

Troubleshoot problems quickly

This analysis capability ensures that we are able to quickly get to the root cause of any problem, whether the aim is to keep a microelectronic or ASIC project on track, or to troubleshoot problems that have developed during operational service.

Among the issues we can quickly and efficiently resolve are:

Is a failure due to some aspect of the IC fabrication process?

Is a failure caused by the operating conditions?

Is a failure related to a design weakness?

These specialist services are widely used by commercial IC manufacturers and IC users, and by our own in-house IC developers.

Learn more from 5 different case studies.

DELTA also has access to other specialised equipment such as FIB material deposition, via a network of partners.

Semiconductor Failure Analysis techniques


Real time X-ray

Hot spot analysis

Solderability tests

Sub-micron probing

Chemical and plasma etching

Scanning electron microscopy

Scanning acoustic microscopy

Energy dispersive ana­lysis of X-ray

Gross and fine leak hermeticity testing

Bright/dark field, differential interference, light sectioning, and stereo microscopy

Environmental testing (tempe­rature, shock, humidity, corrosion, vibration)


X-ray view

SAM radiometer

SAM image


SEM image deepness

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