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Help with IC packaging selection

IC Packaging selection can make a large contribution to the success of an IC project, leading to benefits including smaller real estate, lower manufacturing costs, and higher performance and reliability.

For maximum advantage, packaging technology needs to be considered as early in a project as possible, and DELTA’s experts are available to help your design team make informed decisions – or to take complete responsibility for the selection, design and production process.

Our IC packaging experience is too wide-ranging to list, but spans the majority of requirements, and includes:

  • Wafer scale, with/without leads
  • RF/wireless
  • Stacked ICs
  • High power dissipation
  • Extremely large pin counts (1600+)
  • Multi-chip, and integrated passive components

Prototyping in-house, partners for high volume

DELTA operates its own IC packaging service for small batches and works with partners for volume applications.

In-house facilities including bumping and wire bonding, allow us to keep IC projects on track by providing an extremely responsive prototyping service following wafer fabrication.

We are able to produce packaged components within a day of receiving silicon if required, to allow evaluation and trials to start as quickly as possible.

Our extensive in-house testing capability means that we can provide many complementary services at the same time, such as qualification testing, accelerated life test etc.

Failure analysis also in-house

Another aspect of DELTA’s IC packaging service is the in-house ability to decapsulate and analyse failures.

Field returns are often related to IC packaging issues – such as delamination, temperature effects, bond wire failures – and DELTA’s experts and specialist tools will quickly identify the root cause of such problems.

Read more about our in-house failure analysis facilities.

“DELTA helps our customers meet the increasing demand for high-level coordination between silicon design and package design much earlier in the development of new products.”

— G. Bjarne Andersen

ASIC Design Manager

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