Semiconductor testing

Ensure the highest quality for your ICs, with on-time delivery and minimal costs, using our state-of-the-art semiconductor test facilities supporting low-to-high volumes.

High-standard semiconductor test engineering and operations

From wafer testing, through qualification testing, to the final production test of packaged devices – we provide testing services for analogue, digital, mixed signal and RF components.

Testing expertise. Our testing team has developed over 1000 test programs for a range of projects covering complex wireless and mixed signal devices operating at frequencies of up to 6 GHz, ultra-high speed wired and fibre components with up to 10 Gbits/second data rates, and digital chips with as many as 1600 pins– to name just a few examples.

State-of-the art test facilities. We operate one of the largest commercially available microelectronics testing facilities in Europe offering low-volume testing, as well as parallel, multi-site testing capabilities. Our comprehensive test lab includes wafer probers, component handlers using ATE (Automatic Test Equipment), high temperature testers, as well as qualification and failure analysis.

Wireless semiconductor test expertise

We offer our expertise in testing various wireless communication components for both consumer and industrial applications, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RFID, and other wireless frequency interfaces, including high-speed signals up to 20 GHz.

Operating temperature testing

In addition to regular handlers, we offer dedicated temperature component handlers for testing semiconductor ICs under temperatures ranging from -55°C to 175°C. This lets you validate operations under harsh environmental conditions, which is particularly critical for automotive, industrial and military products.

“DELTA’s proven expertise and experience in testing and qualification of ICs for wireless applications ensures a very rapid and secure path to qualified volume production for our WLAN products.”

— Pär Bergsten,

CEO, Nanoradio

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