Semiconductor supply chain

From a flexible partner

DELTA will transparently manage any sub-suppliers involved in providing microelectronics services to clients – from silicon fabrication to delivery of finished components in batches.

DELTA prides itself on its flexibility and will tailor the logistics to suit the business model and needs of the client.

For example, processed wafers may be stored in DELTA’s cleanroom facilities, for subsequent testing, assembly and delivery as needed.

All wafer are stored in particle-free nitrogene cabinets where temperature and relative humidity is constantly controlled.

Packaged components can be held and supplied in batches to suit a client’s production or sales needs, with the appropriate testing and any tape and reel processing or other preparation for PCB production performed in batches, as required.

DELTA aims to be your partner, and will provide the exact mix of logistics services you need, to mesh with your business model and help you to be as efficient as possible.

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